Resurrecting the "Sport of Kings"

Come one, come all to the Wentworth Medieval Faire!

Experience the excitement and wonder of the Middle Ages in a festival like no other. Held at the grand Ancaster Fairgrounds (near Hamilton, Ontario), this event will transport you back in time to a world of knights, princesses, and medieval marvels.

The Wentworth Medieval Faire is an unforgettable event that you won’t want to miss. Experience the magic of the Middle Ages and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Step back in time and...

Get your Joust on!

Feel the rush of

Full Contact Jousting

Marvel at the majesty of the

Birds of Prey

Find hidden treasures from our

Unique Vendors


Upcoming Show

Wentworth Faire

Ancaster Fairgrounds
630 Trinity Rd S,
Jerseyville, ON
L0R 1R0

05 / 27-28


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