Knight’s Feast

Imagine stepping into the grand hall of a castle built in ancient times. Tables line the hall, adorned with beautiful candelabras emanating a gentle luminescence.

You sit among other Nobles, eagerly awaiting the King’s arrival. His throne shines brightly on the stage as he takes his seat.

Then comes the announcement: let the feast begin! Entertainers from distant lands stand ready to amuse you and your noble companions as you enjoy the delicious meal set before you.

Isn’t this like a dream? Let the Knights Of Valour weave this dream into reality! Plan your bespoke Noble’s Feast for you and your Royal Guests!

Our dinner prepared by British Baked Goods includes:

  • Savoury Quarter Chicken
  • Hot and fresh Baked Potato 
  • Dinner Rolls
  • Beans
  • Salad
  • and freshly baked dessert!

Vegetarian/ Glucose free meals upon request. 

Cost to attend $110 + fees, available at

 Only 350 tickets in total, get them fast!
If you would like to attend Wentworth you can add a gate admission for the day at 50% off regular rate! Admission will only be available to ticket holders. (a special souvenir charm will be given for each attendee) 

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